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" I have suspected my son Cato, currently 9 years-old, dyslexic since he was three because he had prominent difficulties in spelling (and hand writing) even after learning two years of Letterland at school and twice a week one-on-one Jolly phonics with a NET. He started OG phonics (Dyslexia therapy) with Ms. Ellie when he was 7.5 years old, and just after one month, he told me the approach has helped him to spell and read. He was very happy about the improvement and he is now continuing to improve."  

Mrs Chu


Dyslexia Therapy 


" My daughter Janice is 8 and we found that she is dyslexic when she was 6. Janice's been struggling with reading and spelling since she was four, and reversals in handwriting were often. Janice couldn't spell at all when she was in Primary 1 and she was extremely anxious each time before dictation. Janice even refused to go to school when there's dictation. We seek help from Ms Ellie because she was referred by one of my friend whom his son is also dyslexic. After two months of therapy, Janice begins to read and spell simple words! Since then she was more confident in reading and she is now more willing to do dictation because she could pass. The therapy has certainly helped Janice a lot. "

Mrs Sum


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