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Research-based Programmes

P.1 to S.5 Dyslexia Support  讀寫困難訓練


The programme adopts the U.S. Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach which is specifically designed for dyslexic students. The OG approach is multisensory, structured, and success-oriented. The effectiveness of the OG approach is clinically proven and it is widely used in the U.S. local schools to help students with reading and writing difficulties. 


訓練採用由美國教育心理學家為讀寫障礙學生設計的Orton-Gillingham Approach (OG)英語教學法。 OG是一個多元感官、有系統而且生動有趣的語文教學法。擁八十多年研究歷史的OG獲美國本地學校廣泛地使用,以教授讀寫障礙或語文能力較弱的學生。

Parents and Teachers Programme



Want to teach your child at home? Come and join our parents and teachers online program and learn about: 


1. The Orton-Gillingham approach to teach reading and spelling

2. Understanding and teaching your child through Interactive activities (Teaching materials Included



1.  英語讀寫訓練(Orton-Gillingham Approach)

2. 讀寫活動引導孩子學習


Play Therapy  遊戲治療 

Research-based therapeutic play helps your child to improve attention, creativity, psychological condition, behavioral and emotional control. 74% to 83% of clients show significant improvement after receiving 12 sessions of play therapy, according to a research conducted by Play Therapy United Kingdom (PTUK) in 2011. 


具科研實證的遊戲治療有效提升學童的專注力、創意力、心理質素、行為及情緒控制能力。一項2011年由英國遊戲治療協會(PTUK)研究報告顯示,74% 至 83%學童接受遊戲治療十二節後情況有顯著改善。

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