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Ms. Ellie WK CHAN 陳詠翹





  • B.Sc.(Hon) Psychology, University of Nottingham (U.K)

  • PGD Play Therapy, Leeds Metropolitan University (U.K)

  • Play therapist of Play Therapy International (Reg. no. 20140418)

  • Member of Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS)

  • M.A. English Teaching, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Dyslexia therapy, Trinity Washington University (U.S)

  • PGD Education, Hong Kong Chinese Univesity

  • EDB registered and qualified NET (Reg. no. R26529)

  • 英國 University of Nottingham 心理學榮譽學士

  • 英國 Leeds Metropolitan University 遊戲治療學位證書

  • 國際遊戲治療協會(PTI) 遊戲治療師 (註冊編號:20140418) 

  • 香港心理學協會(HKPS) 會員

  • 美國Trinity Washington University讀寫障礙治療師

  • 香港理工大學英文教學碩士

  • 香港中文大學教育學位文憑

  • 教育局註冊及合資格NET
    (註冊編號: R265295) 

Ms. Ellie came back from England since 2007, and she has been working with children and teenagers from 2 to 18 years old at schools and organisations for over 10 years. Ms. Ellie loves working with children, and she is experienced in teaching students with special educational needs (i.e. ADHD/SpLD/ASD/ SD) using therapeutic play and the Orton-Gillingham Approach (U.S). Ms Ellie is also the writer of our signature course, Dazzling English Programme.


Ms. Ellie 2007從英國回流香港,從事教育工作多於10年。Ms. Ellie熱愛與小孩工作,曾於慈善機構,本地及國際學校任教年齡由2至18歲的學生,而且擅長使用具臨床實證的 Orton-Gillingham approach 及Therapeutic play 處理不同學生(包括資優/專注力不足/過度活躍/讀寫障礙/自閉傾向/社交困難/情緒控制較弱)的英語學習及情緒行為問題。Ms Ellie亦是本中心皇牌課程-Dazzling English programme的作者。




   Ms. Ellie has provided learning support service to students from the following schools  曾為以下學校學生提供學習支援服務:


- ESF King George V School 

-Kellett School

- Creative Secondary School

-Korean International School 

-Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School

-Logos Academy


Primary School 


  • French International School 

  • Canadian International School

  • ESF Clearwater Bay School 

  • Korean International School 

  • Nord Anglia International School 

  • Wycome Abbey School

  • Hong Kong Academy

  • Marymount Primary School 

  • Diocesan Boy's School 

  • Holy Family Canossian School



  • Sacred Heart Canossian Kindergarten

  • French International School 

  • St Stephen's Catholic Kindergarten

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