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Overcome dyslexia and succeed academically


Dyslexia Support 


The programme adopts the U.S. Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach which is specifically designed for dyslexic students. The OG approach is multisensory, structured and success-oriented. The effectiveness of the OG approach is clinically proven and it is widely used in the U.S. local schools to help students with reading and writing difficulties. 


Target: P.1 to S.5 students showing the following symptoms


  • Reading comprehension is slow due to decoding and fluency

  • Difficulties in expressing through written words

  • Substitution/ deletion of letter

  • Weak letter-sound-correspondance

  • Transposition

  • Poor alignment of letter

  • Visual memory for words is weak

  • Difficulties in spelling 

  • Difficulties in learning foreign languages


 Format: Individual Training (3 sessions/ week)





  • Multisensory spelling rules

  • Visual tracking exercise

  • Mind mapping

  • Memory skills application

  • Fine motor skills training

  • Sky writing

  • Story/ News reading










訓練採用由美國教育心理學家為讀寫障礙學生設計的Orton-Gillingham Approach (OG)英語教學法。 OG是一個多元感官、有系統而且生動有趣的語文教學法。擁八十多年研究歷史的OG獲美國本地學校廣泛地使用,以教授讀寫障礙或語文能力較弱的學生。


對象: 小一至中五讀寫障礙 或有下列情況的學生:


  • 寫作詞不達意

  • 串字較弱

  • 文字記憶較弱

  • 理解文章重點較弱

  • 閱讀速度慢

  • 常混淆相似字詞

  • 寫作速度慢

  • 字體出界/ 左右調轉

  • 表達組織弱

  • 學習外語感困難



形式: 個別教授 (一星期三節)




  • 多元感官串字法

  • 文字記憶法

  • 視覺追蹤閱讀法

  • 小肌肉訓練

  • 腦圖組織法

  • 故事/新聞分析







  • Reinforce letter-sound correspondence

  • Improve spelling accuracy

  • Improve reading speed and accuracy

  • Improve written expression

  • Improve memory and revision techniques

  • Improve hand writing quality

  • Improve spatial orientation relationship

  • Expand vocabulary



Pre-training Assessment

Post-training Assessment

Post-training Assessment


  • 加強讀音、寫法及意思的聯繫

  • 提升閱讀理解能力

  • 改善文字記憶

  • 提升溫習效能

  • 改善組織及表達

(Remarks: Training activities are tailor-made and may not be shown in the above table)

Pre-therapy Assessment

(By appointment only)




(備註: 訓練活動度身訂做,上述內容未能盡錄)

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