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Dazzling English Programme



Programme Feature


The programme adopts the principles of the Orton-Gillingham approach (US) and therapeutic play in English teaching. The 12 theme-based modules help children to learn essential vocabulary and language skills in a systematic way. The multisensory approach adopted is highly motivating and it fits children with different needs. All classes are taught by professional teacher with relevant qualifications.


課程設計揉合了美國Orton-Gillingham Approach及遊戲治療元素,把英語學習和遊戲有系統地融合在一起。十二個主題式單元採用多感官教學法,讓孩子從視、聽、觸方面學習語文技巧和適合自己的學習方法,從而感受不一樣的英語學習樂。所有課堂專業教師教授。


























































LLearn English effectively through research-based methods 


Lesson Acitivity
  • Multisensory phonics
  • Story/ News

  • Creative writing

  • Grammar

  • Artwork expression

  • Group Games

Learning Outcome
  • Accurate speller

  • Fluent reader

  • Creative writer

  • Confident speaker

  • Motivated learner


K1 to P6

Group Size




1 hour/ session

8 sessions/ module

For all Second Language Learners


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